Preface and Credits

The following Preface introduces the booklet, A History of Lawrencetown, published in 1977.


This booklet was produced by the members of this year's grade twelve History class at Lawrencetown Consolidated School. We spent many hours researching and writing this history. However, we have relied heavily on the assistance of others and the quality of A History of Lawrencetown has been embellished considerably by the generous contribution of many local residents knowledgeable about Lawrencetown's past. Miss Phyllis Blakeley, Assistant Provincial Archivist for Nova Scotia, forwarded photocopies of much of the Public Archives' holdings concerning Lawrencetown. We made liberal use of a village history produced by the students of Mrs. Jean Canning in 1967 which dealt with many topics covered in the present study. Doctor Frank Morse, who has this document, gave us access as well to a second shorter manuscript entitled "Lawrencetown - Past and Present" written by the 1942 grade ten class at Lawrencetown High School. We are also deeply indebted to Doctor Morse for reading our manuscript and offering many helpful criticisms and additions that were incorporated prior to printing. Mr. Donald Burgoyne, Regional Representative of the Department of Continuing Education, assisted us in obtaining a grant to help publish the booklet while Miss Dorothy Durling took time out of her summer vacation to type the manuscript - twice! Finally, we wish to thank those who granted us interviews and all other interested citizens who encouraged us to see this project through to its completion.

History 012 Class July 1977
Brian Bernard, Gary Bishop, June Fowler, Denise Gendreau
Sharon Lamarche, Linda Lowe, Steven Lowe, Danny MacNeil
Cathy Mallia, Jeff Shaw, Rose Tufts, Brenda Veinot,
Debbie Veinot, Helen Whitman, Roger Boutilier (teacher)

The 1997-98 Grade Six Class of Lawrencetown Consolidated School retyped A History of Lawrencetown so that it could be set up on the internet for all to see.

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