After School Program Policy Handbook  Revised September 2013

This fall, we are pleased to be continuing our after-school program for LCS students!  Last year, we were fortunate to have Tammy Bezanson join Ayla Medicraft to coordinate the program at LCS.  This year, Tammy has moved on to a full time position in Bridgetown and we wish her all the best in her new endeavor!

Ayla will continue to operate the program this fall while we conduct our search for a new full-time coordinator.  We are pleased that Ayla will be able to provide consistency for our students during this transition.

The program can be used on an ad hoc basis, as long as we have your completed Registration Form before your child attends.  If you think you may be using the program this year at any time, please complete the registration form available from the school office, the after-school coordinator, or by clicking here.

Until we have hired a permanent program coordinator to replace Tammy, the after-school program will operate with guidance from ECE Denise Naugler, through the Family Matters Resource Centre.

Our 2014-2015 program will begin Thursday, September 4th.  Students registered with the program on a particular day will join the program directly from their classrooms at dismissal time. Students must be picked up from LCS by 5:30pm sharp.  The coordinator needs to leave and the school doors must be locked at that time.

Activities will be held in the new After-School Room (between Bright Beginnings and the Library), in the LCS gym, and outdoors on the school playground/fields.  Please ensure that your child has clothing for outdoor activities, as we will spend time outdoors every day, if weather conditions are good enough.  Students will be using their indoor sneakers for play in the gymnasium.

All participants should bring a water bottle to use for drinks during the program time.  Healthy snacks will be provided.

Cost for one child is $6.00 per day, and is $4.00 for each sibling that also attends that day.  Generally, you can arrange for your child to stay at the After-School program on the same day you know you will want your child to stay.  Just make sure we first have your registration form at the school.  You can call to arrange after-school care at the numbers below.

Regular-attendance fees are payable in advance, for a biweekly period, and should be paid to the coordinator.  You can designate the days your child will be attending the program on the Registration Form, but you can also let the coordinator know if more days are required in the period.  Cheques can be made out to Family Matters.

Fees for ad-hoc attendance are payable when you pick up your child on the day they attended.  Fees should be paid to the coordinator.

Please note that children must attend LCS to participate in the program.

We encourage parent involvement in this program, and welcome your comments!  For more information about the program contact Denise Naugler at Family Matters (584-2210) during weekdays, or the After-School Program cell phone at 824-0569 from 12:00 noon until 5:30pm weekdays.  You can also contact us by email at